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Article from Coast Magazine, January 2001

Say you're a businessman in Aspen, in the market for a multi-million dollar vacation home in Harbor Ridge. Sure, you could hop in your jet and fly over to take a look at what's on offer, but how much easier, more relaxing, and convenient it would be if you could view the properties you're interested in from the comfort of your own mountain enclave. Well, if you work with Prudential California Associate Broker Barbara Amstadter, you'll get your wish. Amstadter, the topselling realtor who has been known to sell three exclusive Newport Beach properties in one week (representing both buyer and seller) has just expanded her services by launching a new Web site which is literally on the cutting edge of the real estate business. Created by Out and About TV, www.barbaraamstadter.com offers 24-hour streaming audio-video tours of Amstadter's exclusive luxury listings. Realtors have been offering virtual tours on the web for some time now, but Amstadter was "looking for something different than just a camera spanning a room," she says.

Out and About TVs innovative technology creates a show that is as much like those tours as watching dad's 16-millimeter home movies is like watching Star Wars on the big screen. Unlike virtual tours wherein the camera is locked in one place, Out and About TV takes Amstadter's prospective clients on a fully mobile audio-visual journey through Amstadter's listings, with a professional host as guide. "Clients love it," according to Amstadter. "It gives them a terrific sense of the house."

So the Aspen businessman can not only get an overview of each room in the houses he's interested in, but the moving camera affords him the ability to focus on the houses' fine details and appointments; the next best thing to being there.

Creating these streaming video tours is not easy - or inexpensive, but according to Amstadter, it's worth it. When the Web site is officially launched in early December, not all of Amstadter's listings will yet be on it. "Eventually, though, we hope to have everything I list on there." The filming process is as meticulous as on any television show, Amstadter says. "Liz Rooney, the producer from Out and About TV, first goes out to the house and tours it herself, then she writes the script for the show. "Soon after, a camera crew goes out and films the whole house. Then a professional host records the narrative. "It's a long process," says Amstadter. "It can take a couple of weeks per house. It's a considerable expense, too, but I'm that committed to selling my clients' homes." And the result is a program much closer to "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" than a typical home tour, with the computer functioning like a television set.

Out and About TV has created a host of other information on Amstadter's web site, including an audio-video introduction to Amstadter and her team; references; a show about entertainment in Orange County hosted by former "El" host Wendy Walsh; and a "Neighborhoods" link that gives the client the same high-quality, professionally hosted tour of the amenities available in the neighborhood he's considering, including information about schools, dining, golf clubs, etc. Since you can access the Web site and these programs at any time from your own computer, the convenience is unparalleled, as well. Of course, once he decides to buy one of the beautiful homes Amstadter lists, that Aspen businessman is eventually going to have to get out of his chair and onto his jet to complete the sale. But until then, he can just sit back and enjoy the show.

---Susan Segal
Editor, COAST

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