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Rodney Rooney Productions & Advertising, Inc.
A full production and advertising service.
We specialize in:

  • Web Site
  • Streaming Media
  • Illustrations
  • Billboards
  • Duplication
  • Tech Support
  • With RRPA, you only make one call for all your production and advertising needs. From concept/script to delivery of master for every venue of advertising. We not only create, design, and produce your concept, we advertise and maintain your account, to fit all budgets.

    "Out&About O.C." - Orange County's only entertainment/advertising television/cyber program. Hosted by the Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman. And Orange County's Real Estate Show "Open House in O.C." hosted by Adrienne Brennan.

    Read about us in ...

    Featured editorial
    January 2001

    Emily Kaufman    Adrienne Brennan     


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    Out&About O.C.
    Dining, Shopping, Spas, Golf, Site-Seeing, Family Fun, Hotels, Museums and more. With the Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    O.C. News
    Extra! Extra! View the latest happenings in Orange County.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    4-1-1 O.C.
    Get the latest charity and social scene updates with the Queen-of-the-Scenes, Cherri Farah.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    City Destinations
    Cruise the unique cities Orange County has to offer.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Dining O.C.
    Tempt your palate with cuisines from all over the world with O.C.'s highly acclaimed food critic Fifi Chao.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Chef Secrets O.C.
    Sneak into the forbidden kitchens for those secret recipes from O.C.'s hottest chefs with Fifi Chao.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Check-In O.C.
    Check into the gorgeous hotels right in our own backyard. Hosted by O.C.'s Concierge President Scott
    O' Hanlon.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Family Fun O.C.
    Experience a 12-year old's perspective of fun in O.C. with O.C.'s favorite kid, host A.J. Buonanoce.

    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Shopping O.C.
    O.C. is loaded with upscale places to shop. There's an international feeling in the air with all these top name designers.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Salons/Spas O.C.
    There's nothing better than a relaxing day at a spa. See what pampering spas and salons O.C. has to offer.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Tee-Off O.C.
    Play O.C.'s finest golf courses. With the real handicap - our surprise guest golf hosts.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Open House in O.C.
    Tour Orange County's elite lifestyle and find your next dream home with real estate expert Adrienne Brennan.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Transportation O.C.
    From stretch hummer limos to ferries, from private jets to romantic gondolas. O.C. has unique transportation.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Sight-Seeing O.C.
    Tour the county and learn what makes up O.C.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Voyage of Arts O.C.
    Visit our unique museums and galleries as we take a voyage of the arts.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Behind the Extreme Scene
    Go behind the scene and visit the extreme athletes' other lifestyle with extreme sport specialist, Dr. G.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Counter Clockwise
    Meet O.C.'s premiere anti-aging specialists. Hosted by The Anti- Aging Institute CEO, Adrienne Brennan.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Event Planners
    Looking for the perfect venue for your business group? See O.C.'s top meeting planners in action.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Radio O.C.
    Listen to Cherri Farah's talk radio show with celebrities, CEOs of corporations and political figures.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Business O.C.
    See Orange County's movers and shakers discuss our economy and hot topics.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Calendar O.C.
    Take a look at the upcoming calendar so you don't miss any event happening in Orange County.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

    Condado de Naranja
    Condado de Naranja TV the Spanish version of Orange County TV.

    The Rhema Word
    Listen to the prophetic messages from Carolyn Deyo regarding our times, the power of prayer and more.
    VIDEO 56k | 300k

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    Haley Joel Osment

    American child actor who at this writing has proven himself perhaps the best young actor of his generation. The son of actor Eugene Osment and teacher Theresa Osment, Haley was chosen for a commercial at age 4 after a casting director spotted him in a furniture store with his parents. Within months he had landed a small but memorable role as Tom Hanks' son in Forrest Gump (1994) and a starring role as Edward Asner's grandson on the TV series "Thunder Alley" (1994). Along with the bravura performances, he has developed an equal reputation in the industry for unspoiled professionalism.

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